A little louder for the people in the back!!!

These past months have been a shitshow. A total clusterfuck to put it mildly. We have been called heroes, hated on, applauded, screamed at, run down, abused, forgotten, and even shunned. Through it all, healthcare workers and ultimately those of us considered “essential” have stuck it out, regardless of all the crazy demands, changes, hurdles and road blocks. But it hasn’t and will not stop anytime soon. In fact, it only gets worse. But we persevere.

Just know that we are all in it with each other. Not in the way politicians say it because we know they are not and really cannot understand it the way we do. But we feel one another’s pain, frustration, anger, joys, triumphs and fears. We feel one another like nobody else can.

This is far from over. But as things continue to progress, keep your heads up and your hearts strong. We got you, we thank you in a way you know actually means something. We love you. We hope our little podcast helps bring a smile to your faces and allows you to, if even for only a short amount of time, forget how much this shît sucks.

Much love from Dr. Nurse F Show!! ❤️