Bring it on people!!!

Where to begin!?

So much has happened recently. Agian, I'm so sorry it took us a while to come back. I constantly felt guilty when we weren't posting regular episodes. Thank goodness that is behind us! For now, its back to the epic fuckery!!

So as most of you already know, we fell into a "relationship" with the Goin' Deep Show, An amazing group of people who are generous beyond belief! Who the hell would ever guess that anyone would let us into a real studio?! And whats cooler is the fact that they like us enough to give us air time on!

If any of you guys read this, we would love to hear from you. We desperately want your comments, praise, insight, ideas, and yes even your criticism. We welcome it all! Please please please comment below with anything you want! Memes, stories, whatever! We want some interaction with our peeps!

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