Can we blow up like The Godfather?? Are we the new strain of the HIV??? 😬

We have been busting our asses to get this podcast up, running and out to everyone for your fucked in the head enjoyment! It has been nothing less than a blast for us to create this Shameless-esque, trailer park medical-ish laugh out loud bullshit chocked full of debauchery and #sinning fun!!

We hope you are enjoying listening to the show, and if you do, tell your friends and anyone else you think will appreciate our dark gallows- type humor!!

Thanks so much for coming along with us for this crazy ride!! Is it possible we might just be turning into the new strain that Captain Redbeard speaks of in Ep2??? How epic would that be?!?!

Much love and spankings!!

Nurse Fiona and Dr. Pinky Pie


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