Just wow and episode 14!

Hey guys!

I have to say, I couldn't be more excited to see the growth of the show in just the last week! So much going on, from the announcement of the up coming male nurse calendar, new website, this blog, and soon DNFS merch!! 🥰🥰

And tonight, at midnight, episode 14!! We talk about legal stuff. And policies. AND TITS!! No poo this episode. I don't think any way. Hehe.

So some updates on the calendar too. Planning to do our photo shoot on April 18th. We are hoping to get the calendars into production the week after, soooooo thinking they will be ready to go the last week of April. Fingers crossed!!

Fiona, the amazing person she is, is going to work on setting up the merch shop. Maybe have some Dr nurse F show stuff floating around pretty soon too!

Keep checking back here for updates and general thoughts from us as often as we are able! Love you all and happy listening!!!

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