Mini Pinkie Pie 1 - the conclusion

So, you listened to episode 14. You heard all about the crap that Mini Pinky Pie 1 got into.... Want to know what the conclusion to the story is? Read on friends....

So after we recorded, I heard back from the superintendent the following day. He had gone to two different lawyers and discussed it with them. They both told him the same thing. Dr. Pinky Pie is right. The school broke the law by suspending greater than 10 days without proper due process. The law is clear and you don't have a choice. Drop the whole thing.


Gotta say, I'm happy about it. Mini Pinky Pie 1 is happy about it. Should have seen the kid cry when I told her the news.

I want to make sure everyone knows, I don't think she deserved to get off scott free. No No NO.... She messed up. She lost privledges. I tried to get them to make the punishment fit the crime multiple times. It was a no-go. In the end, I feel like we came out better than expected. Nothing on her record (thank God) but sorry kiddo, still no cruise for her. I think she learned her lesson. Time will tell.

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