That’s what friends are for!!

You know, as a nurse, I can honestly say that nothing in the world beats good true friends that you can count on. The ones you meet at work are genuinely the most insane because they will have your back through some fucked ass crazy shit. Keep them close because they will be the ones who will also love you on a personal level!! Some people come and go in life, but there are certain people you just know you can count on to be there no matter what.

You will encounter some triflin ass MFs who you thought were your friends, but who turn out to be nothing but users and abusers. You will be blown away at how quickly they change once they no longer have a need to fulfill with you. One day, “I love you and I will always be there for you. You’re one of my best friends.“ The next day, ”We can’t be friends anymore because X, Y, Z.” Whatever the variable is, the result is, this piece of shit just hurt you deeply. How does one go from being one of your closest and few in your small circle to nothing? The answer is simple: you are no longer needed. At least not by that selfish piece of shit. That’s okay because that’s a superficial need you don’t really need to fulfill anyway.

Don‘t beat yourself up. It’s too easy to constantly question yourself. “What did I do wrong?” “What could I have done differently?” The answer: NOTHING. It isn’t about you, it’s about your former friend. He or she is just a selfish asshole, plain and simple. Too conceited to see past their own bullshit to realize or understand what a stupid thing they just did. Anyone worth their weight will recognize a precious friend and ally from a mile away and treat that person as such.

The quick answer? Move on. You DO have people in your life who love you and will be there at your worst times. They are there. Don’t overlook them because you feel so broken over one person who only kept you around to serve a purpose and then threw you out like a piece of garbage. You aren’t garbage, that MF is garbage. You are priceless. The people who truly love you are the ones who deserve your loyalty and effort. They have seen you at your worst and stuck with you.

I know, I know... easier said than done. Working on it here, too. But as time goes by it does get easier. Push on. You’ll get where you need to be and that person who hurt you like no other motherfucker before, that person will be a distant memory. Trust that.


Nurse Fiona