You just ever feel like shit?

How many times have you worked your ass off, come to work no matter how shitty you felt, picked up extra shifts to help everyone, tried to just be a generally good and dependable employee just to be shit on and made to feel like shit? Like a giant, hot, steaming pile of shit!

Then you see someone who literally could not care any less, calls in all the time, bullshit attitude, fuck you, fuck them, fuck the world, should have been fired five years ago but for some reason is still around and getting constant ass kissing for literally just breathing... What. The. Fuck. It’s not right. It’s not cool at all. It definitely isn’t fucking fair. What do you do?

Well, here’s the thing. You are there for you. You are there to take care of people and make a difference. Or, you’re there for that paycheck. Regardless, you have work ethic and that’s great. That’s what matters. Is the rest a bunch of bullshît? Fucking yes!!! But it’s not your bullshit. I have to remind myself of that all the time. Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Keep doing what you need to do and try not to give too many shits about the rest. You can’t do anything about other people, just yourself and your own situation. Don’t worry. The rest will work itself out eventually.

Lots of love, hugs, and epic fuckery...

Nurse Fiona Xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤️